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Expatriate Living and Retirement Alliance of the Philippines: Guiding you every Step of the Way

The EXPATRIATE LIVING AND RETIREMENT ALLIANCE OF THE PHILIPPINES, also known as ELRAP, is an association geared towards helping expatriate retirees and potential retirees, particularly from English-speaking nations, make the transition to living in the Philippines from their home countries.

ELRAP’s goal is to help new arrivals adapt to life in the Philippines and to connect them with other expats who can offer constructive advice. ELRAP also strives to promote fellowship among expats and our Filipino hosts in this, our island home.

ELRAP can provide answers to many areas of inquiry, including the answers to questions regarding mundane matters of daily living as well as providing information to help YOU decide whether or not the Philippines would be a viable place for your retirement home.

ELRAP can help by giving you the information you need to formulate your plans for retiring and relocating–whether full or part-time–to the Philippines. We maintain this website so that retirees can exchange and/or glean all sorts of useful information regarding life in the Philippines. We cover a broad range of topics about life—or setting up life—all over the country.



“ More and more folks are retiring at an earlier age, while they are still healthy enough to enjoy their lives. The problem is, in the First World, even a couple in their late fifties that have a $500,000 investment portfolio, which includes their home equity and other investments, won’t have enough retirement income to take advantage of their hard-won freedom. ”

By Bruce Silverman
“ELRAP is a friendly website! On our pages please--no vulgarity, and no politics or religion discussed!”