Bruce Silverman, successful businessman and long-time resident expat in the Philippines, as well as the author of THE FREEDOM HANDBOOK FOR LIVING AND RETIRING IN THE PHILIPPINES, and Betsy Malca, a Filipina-American highly experienced general manager of stuff in general, are the founding members of ELRAP.

Bruce Silverman
Bruce Silverman has called the Philippines home since 1982. Today, his family of six–four beautiful daughters, his terrific wife, and himself, live and thrive in the heady mountain atmosphere of Baguio City, in northern Luzon. Bruce is a running enthusiast, a businessman, and is involved in many civic undertakings.

Bruce is a nice Jewish boy, and he is almost always smiling. He loves people, loves listening to their stories, and he is a very helpful fellow. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Bruce has lived in many different places around the world, including Japan, Costa Rica, and the Philippines, which is his home.

Betsy Malca
Betsy Malca is a married mother of three who was born and raised in the Philippines a long, long, time ago. She is the product of a Filipina mother and an American father. She and her family—a very sweet husband and three daughters who have nice personalities—are genuine JewPinos (Jewish Filipinos) who make their home in the southern suburb of Metro Manila, sometimes referred to as the Great Republic of Alabang.

Betsy is very bossy and scolds a lot, but for some reason, people seem to like her anyway. She has lived in Mexico and the United States, but the Philippines is, and always will be, home.

“ More and more folks are retiring at an earlier age, while they are still healthy enough to enjoy their lives. The problem is, in the First World, even a couple in their late fifties that have a $500,000 investment portfolio, which includes their home equity and other investments, won’t have enough retirement income to take advantage of their hard-won freedom. ”

By Bruce Silverman
“ELRAP is a friendly website! On our pages please--no vulgarity, and no politics or religion discussed!”