Puerto Galera

Atlantis Dive Resort

Excellent accommodations & activities
Sabang Beach
Tel: (043) 287-3066; 3067; &3069
Mobile: +639178952920
E-mail: reservations@atlantishotel.com
Web address: http://www.atlantishotel.com/puertogalera/
Badladz Dive Resort

Muelle Pier, Bayan
Tel: (043) 287-3693
Mobile: +639399148819
E-mail: info@badladz.com
Web address: http://badladz.com
Blue Ribbon Dive Resort

Small LaLaguna Beach
Mobile: +639157009193
E-mail: form on website
Web address: http://blueribbondivers.com

Buri Resort& Spa

Sitio Dalaruan
Tel: (043) 287-3503
Mobile: +639275659671
E-mail: info@buri-resort.com
Web address:http://www.buri-resort.com

Coral Cove Resort& Dive Center

Out of town and delightfully secluded
Mobile: +639173857577
E-mail: info@puertogalera.biz
Web address:http://www.puertogalera.biz/coralcove.html

El Galleon Beach Resort

Small LaLaguna
Tel: (043) 287-3205
Mobile: +639178145107
E-mail: form on website
Web address: http://www.elgalleon.ph
Fisherman’s Cove

Ask for Giuseppe, the owner—he is very hands-on!
Sitio Sto. Nino
Tel: (043) 287-3257
Mobile: +639175332985
E-mail: info@fishermenscove.com
Web address: http://www.fishermenscove.com/English/resort/frame.htm
Kalaw’s Place

Stunning views, a quiet lagoon, and terrific innkeepers! Fabulous for long or short term stay…
Tel: (043) 442-0209
Mobile: +639175322617
E-mail: kalaw@kalawplace.com
Web address: http://www.kalawplace.com.ph
Out of the Blue Resort

Small La Laguna Beach
Tel: (043) 287-3357
Mobile: +639209489400
E-mail: reservations@outoftheblue.com.ph
Web address: http://www.outoftheblue.com.ph

Punta del Este
Overlooking Varadero Bay
Mobile: +639985521687
E-mail: puntadeleste888@gmail.com
Web address: http://puertogaleravilla.com

Sabang Oasis Hotel
Tel: (043) 287-3564
Mobile: +639178585225; +639989770603
E-mail: info@sabangoasis.com
Web address: http://www.sabangoasis.com

Scandi Divers
Big LaLaguna
Tel: (043) 287-3551
Mobile: +639154566411
E-mail: Info@ScandiDivers.com
Web address: http://www.scandidivers.com

Sunset at Aninuan
Mobile: +639209318924; +639174957945
E-mail: form on website
Web address: http://www.aninuanbeach.com/sunset/index.php/about-us

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