Religion in the Philippines Joining One Church…or Another!

If you come to the Philippines and are of the Christian religion, you’re in luck. There is every sect of Christianity here with the predominant religion being Roman Catholic to the tune of approximately 80%. There is every conceivable church from the Baptist church, Evangelistic churches, Latter Day Saints, Protestants, and the Seventh Day Adventists. There are two major Philippine-born religions in Christianity which are the Iglesia ni Cristo and El Shaddai. The Roman Catholic church is everywhere and it is not uncommon to see dozens of these churches even in small provincial areas. In the major cities, some of these churches are spectacular. To join the Catholic church here is not necessary, just attend a Mass or go into the church and there will always be people around to attend to you. Mass schedules are usually posted somewhere in the church. Sunday Masses in many of the churches are continuous.


The religion of Islam also is prevalent with approximately 5% of the people of this religion, but the concentration of Muslims is predominantly in southern Mindanao. Quite a few Islamic folks have migrated to areas where they can practice their religion and profession in peace. In Baguio where we live, the Muslim population consists of accomplished business people, and their businesses seem to me to be traditionally owned and managed by the women. There are mosques in almost every major city here.


Buddhism and Hinduism are practiced here, and the combination of the two are around 5% of the population. Jewish temples also exist in Manila, one in Angeles City on Clark Economic Zone, and one in Cebu City. Chabad are sort of the Jewish equivalent of missionaries as their mission is to provide a place where Jews can come to worship and socialise. They are expanding their locations around the country.


Some of the churches such as Iglesia ni Cristo and the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) have rigid requirements for joining with obligations to their church members such as helping fellow members and financial obligations as well. The Iglesia ni Cristo by far and away are the most strict of the religions here as one is never allowed to marry outside of their religion. And if they do, are ex-communicated from their church.


So if you come to the Philippines and want to join a church, you will rarely not find a branch of your particular sect no matter where you are. Below are the statistics of the breakdown percentages of the different religions.


So in conclusion if you’re Seventh Day of Adventist or a Roman Catholic or Islamic or Buddhist or Jewish, just ask anyone in your community where the closest temple is and enjoy.

Roman Catholic
Evangelical Christians
Iglesia ni Cristo
Other Religions
Atheists and Agnostics

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