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There are two major landline telephone providers: PLDT and Digitel. They both have pluses and minuses, and choosing between them is difficult. PLDT has been around longer than Digitel and is the “classic” choice, if that makes any difference in the decision making process.

The cost for choosing either one would be about the same, the equivalent of about US$15.00 per month, which gives you unlimited local service in your area. Difficulty arises when calling from one network to the other. One of the networks requires an additional three-number prefix, which can make dialing awkward, and it is expensive calling between the two networks. There have been some recent positive developments in that the government has abolished the inter-local fee in most areas, so this should ease things up a bit. One way to choose between the networks might be to see which firm provides DSL internet service in your area.

Domestic long distance phone call charges for either network run about fifteen American cents per minute. International calling charges, to the U.S. as an example, run about forty American cents per minute. These expensive charges are the result of political wrangling and back-room brokering as well as a lack of viable competition.

The good news is that there are now new landline providers appearing as an alternative choice of service provider to these two giants. Also there is now a domestic VOIP long distance service that has unlimited service to Manila from the provinces for approximately US$22.00 a month.

PLDT had a promotion recently where, for under the price of about US$25.00 per month, they would give you a landline phone line and a DSL line, both with free installation.

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By Bruce Silverman
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