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9. What is the Difference Between a “Wet” and “Dry” Market

A “wet” market is an open market, i.e., not a grocery store! A grocery store is a “dry” market. Wet markets usually have food that is cheaper and more fresh, but there is not a lot of variety in what you get. Usually, either yourself, or more normally, someone on your staff, would do the shopping in the “wet” market, usually once a week. Household staff would prefer to procure their food almost exclusively at the wet market as this is where they would normally go to buy their groceries. Bargaining for items is the norm in a wet market. This is the best place to buy fresh fish and seafood as well as pork, fruits, and vegetables. Beef is better bought in a grocery store. Rice of all varieties is available in a wet market. A trip to a wet market, particularly the meats section, is not for the faint of heart as usually there are whole animal pieces on display for sale. Refrigeration is dodgy, and usually a “wet” market is not particularly clean (wash everything well when you get home!). There is a good chance you will get your feet –wet! Personally, I love wet markets, and have been shopping in them all my life! A few germs here and there build your immunity, my mother always used to say!

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By Bruce Silverman
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