It is advisable that every expat retiree in the Philippines obtain medical insurance. The quality of health care in this country is excellent and perpetually improving; in reality, there would be no need to travel outside of the country for medical attention. However, despite the fact that the cost of medical treatment in the Philippines is generally cheaper than in the First World, medical bills can and do add up. In this section you will find a lot of valid information about health care in the Philippines.

VERY IMPORTANT! If at all possible, please bring official proof of insurance coverage with you that testifies to the fact that you have been insured in your home country. It would be best to try to bring health insurance documents from the preceeding five years, if at all possible, as this makes it easier and faster to process your medical insurance in the Philippines.

“ More and more folks are retiring at an earlier age, while they are still healthy enough to enjoy their lives. The problem is, in the First World, even a couple in their late fifties that have a $500,000 investment portfolio, which includes their home equity and other investments, won’t have enough retirement income to take advantage of their hard-won freedom. ”

By Bruce Silverman
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