The Filipino Culture: Love for Food and Family

For the last few years, the Philippines has often been highlighted as a must-go-to destination for a perfect tropical paradise vacation. With its 7,107 islands (and counting), there are a lot of different islands to visit that are just the epitome of the perfect beach holiday. With the natural, geographical barriers of the country (the separation of islands), you’ll experience a variety of different cultures, no matter which part of the country you decide to visit. And with these different cultures and traditions, specific characteristics of the Filipino people stand out – characteristics that makes anyone who has visited or lived in the country fall in love with it in an instant.

There are so many different aspects of the culture in the Philippines that can just steal your heart in a beat. First of all, a culture that revolves traditions and morals around the love for food is a culture no one can resist. In the Philippines, this is evident – anywhere you go, with anyone you meet. By simply entering someone’s home, you will always and automatically be offered a meal or a snack. Every occasion calls for the celebration of food and the gratitude one has for its abundance. This love for food has built a food culture that revolves around many Filipino adaptations of different cuisines. And this means that the variety of tastes found in the food culture in the Philippines is one you can’t beat. The love for food is contagious.

There is always this conservative romance that can be felt anywhere in the Philippines. Family is valued with utmost importance. This love is often reflected in many cultural traits of the country. The love of family can be seen through the generosity and kindness of the Filipinos not just to their own but to anyone that they welcome into their home. There’s plenty of care, kindness, and hospitality that’s spread around. This romance is felt through the famous hospitable nature of the Filipino culture, a romance that’s so easy to fall in love with.

To find a culture that celebrates giving love through the hardships of life, generosity despite scarcity, and kindness in a world of cruelty, there’s just so much to love about the culture in the tropical paradise we call the Philippines. Discover the country of hospitality and fall in love with everything this great country offers!

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