There are a lot of trade-offs in the third world when it comes to third world chaos that the author describes as freedom. If you have never been to the Philippines, the drivers can be insane. Because of there is little law enforcement in many areas, the law of the jungle does exist. To describe this, you would have to see the way that folks drive here which is absurd, but there is rhyme and reason to their driving habits, and it is just a part of the learning curve.

When driving and you are trying to change lanes or make a turn in traffic you will have to take a directive which is usually by using hand signals. Since there is so much third world craziness in the Philippines, it may take some time to adjust. Other examples of chaos are people throwing their trash on the street, smoking on the street, vehicles belching smoke, among others. Does a long term resident like myself enjoy these things? Well, of course not. I as many other expats have learned to adjust, yet again, it is a trade-off. The last time I visited my family in the States and was driving through a residential area, I was warned not to go even one mile over 25 miles per hour. There were signs on the streets saying that there was photo radar. My father explained to me how his car that I was driving would be billed for speeding and it would be sent through the mail.

There are so many rules and regulations in the first world unlike the Philippines which is the complete opposite to that and therefore something that I call freedom. Obviously, many will disagree, but who likes liter on the street, vehicles belching smoke, and crazy drivers? but from another perspective, freedom lovers as myself hate rules and regulations. In sum, there are pros and cons to living in the Philippines when it comes to the third world chaos, but for many like myself, this is an acceptance for what we describe as our freedom.

– Bruce Silverman


  1. I\\\’m looking forward to the day when we can have a little more order, mostly in the government, but amongst the people too.

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