ELRAP Tours: Five Star Look-See Baby Boomer Tours in the Philippines!


You’ve hit–or are approaching–retirement and it seems to be everything you’ve ever dreaded. Low income; the rest of your life spent stringing out your existence on a tight, tight budget; bored because you have no idea of what to do with yourself after having lived a full and active life—and even if you did, you are financially constrained anyway. You just want to have fun again…but on a pensioner’s income…it’s really not all that easy. You’re searching for a “happy place”, with decent healthcare, where you can afford to live the good life on your pension.

Consider the Philippines, where life IS more fun! Not only that; just about EVERYBODY speaks English!

Life here is extremely affordable, and there is so much to do! Because the cost of hiring someone to clean your house, cook your meals, wash your clothes, drive your car and walk your dog, is so reasonable, YOU would have more than enough money left over from your monthly pension to enjoy your freedom from everyday chores! Play golf! Go deep-sea fishing! Go diving! Hike in the mountains or hang out on a beach! Explore other parts of Asia! If you were to live here, there would be no reason not to do it!

ELRAP, the Expatriate Living and Retirement Alliance of the Philippines, invites you to explore our world. One of our founders, Bruce Silverman, has written a highly comprehensive book about retirement in the Philippines called The Freedom Handbook for Living and Retiring in the Philippines (www.funphilippinesretirement.com), and we urge you to read it so that you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect if you were to retire here.

Trawl through the ELRAP website. If you’re REALLY serious about becoming an expat in the Philippines, then we suggest that you let ELRAP help you to help yourself. Access to reliable information about our country is crucial to the end goal of setting up a happy retirement and a successful life here in these islands! Use our resources to get the information you would need in order to make your life-changing decision.

Before uprooting your current existence, ELRAP encourages you to take one of our “Look-See” tours of the Philippines. We offer potential retirees to the Philippines an expansive insight into life in these islands. We offer two trips, each trip one week long. One tour goes north, through the main island of Luzon, and another tour goes south, through the Visayas and Mindanao. Both tours start by taking you through Metro Manila and the vicinity before we head out.

What do we show you? Plenty! We give you a city tour of each place we visit, and in each of those places, we give you a pretty good glimpse of what life is like in the area. We show you housing, and discuss costs of living. We show you hospitals in each city, so that you know what kind of medical attention you can expect if you were to live there. We show you how to obtain dependable medical insurance to cover your needs. We take you to grocery stores, fresh markets, and pharmacies so that you can see if you can get a hold of your favorite daily victuals or needed meds. We show you what each area we visit has to offer–beaches, mountains, cosmopolitan city life, or quiet rural life. We give you information on how to obtain a proper visa; how to set up a retirement business; how to own or lease a home; how to hire, fire, or train household, nursing, or business staff; how to afford regular visits to your country of origin. We probably know the answers to most of your questions because this is our home, and we are touring you around our back yard…

In the cities, we stay at five-star or boutique hotels; in rural areas, we stay at the best accommodation the area has to offer. We travel by private vehicle with our own dedicated tour guides. Our bountiful meals are a combination of Filipino and Western fare. During the trip, you would get a chance to indulge in that two-hour massage, play that round of golf, go diving, or see what a night out on the town looks like. You’ll be able to see first-hand whether or not you can live “the life” on your pension here in these islands.

Consider an edifying, pampering, all-encompassing ELRAP tour as an investment in your future. After your tour is over, we would suggest staying on for at least another week so that you can put all of that good information to use as you go exploring the Philippines on your own (your travel insurance from the ELRAP tour covers you for several weeks after your initial arrival in the Philippines)!

Note on Travel to Mindanao: Many foreign Embassies caution against ALL travel to the island of Mindanao. As locals, we travel to Mindanao all of the time, and several of us live there very comfortably and happily. In our opinion, although there are most DEFINITELY parts of Mindanao, mostly in the extreme south, such as Tawi-Tawi, Jolo, Basilan, and other places in the Sulu Archipelago, that even us natives should not travel to, banning travel to the ENTIRE island of Mindanao in our opinion, is tantamount to saying that travel to the entire city of New York should be banned because parts of it, like Harlem and the Bronx, are really not very safe. However, the choice of whether or not to travel to these areas is entirely up to what the individual feels comfortable with.

“ More and more folks are retiring at an earlier age, while they are still healthy enough to enjoy their lives. The problem is, in the First World, even a couple in their late fifties that have a $500,000 investment portfolio, which includes their home equity and other investments, won’t have enough retirement income to take advantage of their hard-won freedom. ”

By Bruce Silverman
“ELRAP is a friendly website! On our pages please--no vulgarity, and no politics or religion discussed!”