Approximate Cost of Round Trip Air Travel to the Philippines

from Major Destinations

APPROXIMATE Cost of Economy Class Round Trip Ticket to Manila from All Over the Place IN US DOLLARS. Please note that with diligence, cheaper fares can be found than those quoted here.

This information from: KAYAK for June 2014:


San Francisco, USAUS$1268.00All Nippon Air (ANA)
Chicago, USAUS$1659.00Japan Airlines
New York, USAUS$1430.00Etihad
Vancouver, CanadaUS$1065.00Japan Airlines
Toronto, CanadaUS$1173.00Japan Airlines
London, UKUS$957.00China Southern
Dublin, IrelandUS$862.00Etihad
Sydney, AustraliaUS$763.00Malaysian Airlines
Auckland, NZUS$1361.00Multiple Airlines
Johannesburg, SAUS$914.00Cathay Pacific Airlines
Tel Aviv, IsraelUS$1398.00Multiple Airlines

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