Third Friday of the month:

Visitor arrives in Manila from out of the country and is met at the airport by hotel car for PICASSO BOUTIQUE SERVICED RESIDENCES (http://picassomakati.com/story.html) and is taken to the hotel. Friday is a free day to rest from the trip and explore the area. A welcome brochure with information about the immediate vicinity (restaurants, shopping, nightlife, spas, additional tours within the country, should you be interested) waits for you upon check-in.

Third Saturday/month:

7:30-8:30Breakfast at the Picasso.
8:30Welcome seminar, hosted by ELRAP founders, Bruce Silverman and/or Betsy Malca. We’re going to give you a bit of an overview, not only of what we are going to see, but a few topics of interest, like health insurance, setting up a retirement business, setting up a home, what sort of living expenses to expect, and the like. Ask us anything, and we will try to answer your questions!
10:00Depart Picasso for a tour of Metro Manila proper. The city is too big to hit everything, but we will take you to see a model unit of a typical condominium in a new building. We’ll have information on what it would cost to buy or rent a similar unit in Makati, or in other parts of town. After visiting the model condominium unit, we will take you driving through Makati, Pasay, and the old city of Intramuros to give you an idea of what the city looks like before we stop for a tasty Filipino lunch at one of Manila’s gastronomic institutions, the Aristocrat restaurant.
1:30After lunch, we will head to Bonifacio Global City where we will tour one of the best hospitals in the country, St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City (http://www.stlukesmedicalcenter.com.ph/). After St. Luke’s, we will cross the street for a quick peek at S&R Membership Shopping (http://www.snrshopping.com/) , the Philippines’ answer to American merchandiser Cosco, to give you a chance to see if your lifestyle requirements are available in country. After S&R, we will proceed to Rockwell Center and give you the opportunity to see that there are groceries, delicatessens, gourmet food shops, clothing, shoes, pretty much, “you name it, we’ve got it” (not to mention the movie theaters) so that you can be reassured that you can obtain pretty much everything in the Philippines that is available in the First World.
6:00Return to the Picasso, evening is free.

Third Sunday/month:

7:30-8:30Breakfast at the Picasso.
8:30Today we take you to the southern part of Metro Manila, and a little bit out of town, to Tagaytay. We’ll do a bit of sight-seeing along the way. We’ll explore Paranaque and Muntinlupa a little, going through some of the housing subdivisions and amenities in the area. Asian Hospital (http://www.asianhospital.com/) is located here, also a premier institution, and we will point it out, but not stop in for a tour. We will wind up at Festival Supermall, to give you an idea of a “regular” vs. a “high end” mall (Rockwell) visited yesterday. We’ll introduce you to another venerable Filipino institution, National book store, and we will stop for lunch at the Union Jack Tavern in the mall.
2:00Head out of town for the short trip to Tagaytay, the “volcano within a lake within a volcano”, stopping en route to enjoy some of the highlights like shopping at the fruit vendors, furniture vendors, and enjoying a cup of coffee while taking in the view. Many people choose to live full or part time in Tagaytay as it is out of the hustle and bustle of the city, yet close enough to be in the heart of Makati within an hour.
6:00Arrive at the Picasso, evening is free.

Fourth Monday/month:

7:30-8:30Breakfast at the Picasso, check out of the hotel and start our trip south!
9:00Depart for airport, Manila to Davao via PR 815 11:45 arriving at 1:35
2:00Picked up from Davao airport, brought to bountiful seafood lunch.
3:30-6:00After lunch, cross by ferry and tour Island Garden City of Samal. Pass by Hagimit Falls, stroll on the beach, have “merienda” (coffee and a light snack) on the island. Some Davao residents make it a habit to cross to Samal in the early morning, do some biking or go swimming in the sea, and then cross back into the city and head to the office! We return to Davao proper after merienda and check into our hotel, the Marco Polo Davao (http://www.marcopolohotels.com/hotels/philippines/davao/marco_polo_davao/index.html) The evening is free, and we will provide you with information as to restaurants, clubs, watering holes, movie theaters and the like if you would like to go out and explore the city on your own.

Fourth Tuesday/month:

7:30-8:30Breakfast and check out of the Marco Polo Davao.
9:00-1:00Cross the street from the Marco Polo and walk through a Davao landmark, the Aldevinco Shopping Center—the “grand bazaar” of Davao. Afterwards, we will take a short tour of Davao Doctors Hospital (http://www.ddh.com.ph/). From there we will explore some housing options around the city, including information as to costs to rent or purchase a home as well as the cost of living in the city. We will visit one of the major malls to take a peek at the amenities there, including a grocery store and a pharmacy so you can see what sorts of food and meds you would have access to if you were to live in Davao.
1:00-2:30Western style lunch on Rizal St. and walking tour of that area.
2:30-4:00City tour of Davao, citing the highlights, like the short distance from the city center to the mountains (about an hour) and the beach (it’s right alongside), and passing by one of the city’s many golf courses (http://info.davaoexchange.com/2008/05/23/davao-golf-course-green-fees/) . Davao is in fact one of the largest cities in the world in terms of land area!
4:00Arrive at airport, check in for flight to Cagayan de Oro, PR 396 5:55- 6:45
We’ll be picked up at Cagayan de Oro airport, and go straight to the Bukidnon Country Lodge and check in. As the trip up the mountain takes about an hour, light refreshment will be served in the van en route. Upon arrival at the Lodge, wine and appetizers will be served, followed by dinner (included in cost of tour). If weather permits, coffee and dessert will be served outdoors by the bonfire under the most star-filled sky you have ever seen! It is chilly in the mountains in the evening, make sure to bring a light sweater or jacket…

Bukidnon Country Lodge (+639189171823

Fourth Wednesday/month:

7:30-8:30Breakfast and check out of the Lodge.
9:00-11:00Leave the Lodge for a tour of an organic farm reached by driving through the pineapple fields of Del Monte plantation. We will pass through Damilag, the shopping area, so you can see how food and other items are procured in this very rural setting, and visit the provincial hospital. We will briefly visit the Del Monte golf course and Camp Phillips, and from there proceed to the Menzi viewpoint to take a look at the subdivision and discuss housing and living costs in this area en route to Cagayan de Oro.
11:30Leave Bukidnon to return to Cagayan de Oro. There will be a delightful packed lunch in the van on the way as we are a bit pressed for time. Our first stop in Cagayan de Oro is the city hospital for a short tour of the facility, followed by a stop at a shopping mall, including a grocery, to give you a grasp of what is available goods-wise. We will take a look at the type of housing available in that city, and discuss the average cost of living in Cagayan de Oro. We’ll enjoy a cup of coffee and a light snack (“merienda”) and then proceed to a comprehensive tour of the city before heading to the airport to catch our flight to Cebu.
5:30Check in at the airport for the flight to Cebu via PR 233 7:05-7:55
8:30We’ll be picked up at Mactan Airport Cebu, taken to Radisson Blu Hotel (http://www.radissonblu.com/hotel-cebu). Evening is free.

Fourth Thursday/month:

7:30-8:30Breakfast and check out of Radisson Blu Hotel.
9:15Visit and tour of Chiong Hua Hospital (http://www.chonghua.com.ph/).
10:00We’ll take a city tour of Cebu, visiting the highlights.
11:00So that you can see if you can get what you need for your daily life, we’ll size up the amenities procurable at the SM mall, including a grocery, specialty stores, a stroll past the IMAX theatre, and finishing with lunch at a restaurant at the mall.
1:00After lunch, we will visit a model home and collect information on the cost of rentals or purchase of homes or condominiums in Cebu, as well as cost of living information.
2:30We’ll arrive at Ocean Jet Fast Ferry terminal to catch a ride to Dumaguete. Ferry departs at 3:45 and the trip takes just over three hours (including one brief stop). Enjoy the sunset view from the deck of the ferry!
7:30We’ll be picked up at the ferry terminal in Dumaguete and transported to Atlantis Dive Resort (http://www.atlantishotel.com/). Evening is free.

Fourth Friday/month:

7:30-8:30Breakfast and the rest of morning is free to enjoy the resort—go for a dive, go snorkeling, have a massage on the beach!
12:00Check out of Atlantis Dive Resort and proceed to Dumaguete City. We’ll have a short driving tour of the town, passing by the promenade along Rizal Ave., the Bell Tower, built in the 1700’s, and the first Protestant university in the country, Silliman University. At Silliman, we will pop in for a brief visit at the Silliman Medical Center (http://www.sillimanmedicalcenter.org/), Dumaguete’s hospital. From there we will proceed to Robinson’s Place mall and have a brisk walk-through of the mall so that you can see that the grocery is really quite adequate, ditto other goods (and there are movie theaters too) needed for daily life. We’ll have lunch at the mall, including a “wrap up” session with Q&A and closing remarks.
2:30Proceed to airport and check in for flight to Manila, PR 544 4:00-5:05
5:30We’ll be picked up from the airport by the Picasso van and brought back to the hotel in Makati.

“ More and more folks are retiring at an earlier age, while they are still healthy enough to enjoy their lives. The problem is, in the First World, even a couple in their late fifties that have a $500,000 investment portfolio, which includes their home equity and other investments, won’t have enough retirement income to take advantage of their hard-won freedom. ”

By Bruce Silverman
“ELRAP is a friendly website! On our pages please--no vulgarity, and no politics or religion discussed!”