Treasures of Bolinao

Bolinao is well-known for its pristine beaches, fresh seafood, enchanting caves, and its lighthouse. It may not seem popular for people who aren’t from the Philippines , so it would be a good idea to experience its perfect beauty before it gets crowded and trampled on! Knock on wood on the trampling!
bolinao1One of the best places to visit is the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse which is located at Patar, Bolinao. It rises 351 feet above sea level in the top of Punta Piedra Point, a towering hill of solid rock which is the sharp point of Cape Bolinao itself. It was constructed by the American, British, and Filipino engineers in 1903 on a 351 feet high point at the western area of Cape Bolinao. The lighthouse still sends signals to vessels passing by the area. This is a recommended place to catch the sunset.

bolinao2Enchanted cave – the place completely justifies its name. You will come to recognize it if you plunge yourself in its crystal clear water. It is so pure and captivating and has the power to refresh your soul. Enchanted Cave is one of the must visit attractions of Bolinao. The entire place is truly enchanted since it is a huge coral reef that emerged from underwater.The coral remains, evidence that the beachhead of Bolinao extended almost a kilometer from the current beach line. The cave, on the other hand, was a product of nature’s peculiar tricks. From walls of coral stones, we descended into a labyrinth of corals and limestone walls.

bolinao3Swim and dive at Bolinao Falls, This also ranks as one of the best places in Bolinao as it has a large area to swim and a 15 feet high main waterfall and another which was about 20 to 25 feet high. The surrounding trees and the fine clean waters unite to create a green colored water with shades of blue. The water is so clear that you can see rocks at the bottom.

bolinao4From the white sand to the rock formations, the best view of Bolinao is just in front of the coast. It is truly amazing! The stunning view extends to about 20 kilometers of rocky formations on the left end. It is still unknown to many, so go see this natural wonder. Bragging its clashing features of rock formations and its elegant stretch of white sand beach on opposite ends, it can awe just about anyone!!

In contrast to other famous tourist destinations in the Philippines though, where you can easily spot a number of bars, restaurants, cafés, and fast food chains, the establishments in Pangasinan, where Bolinao is located, are quite limited. So if you have your own ride, make sure to shop for your needs prior to taking the trip. Enjoy!!!

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